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SubjectRE: [LinuxBIOS] #57: libusb host program for PLX NET20DC debug device
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From: Greg KH []

>I can do that in about 15 minutes if you give me the device ids for the
>usb debug device that you wish to have.

>Or you can also use the generic usb-serial driver today just fine with
>no modification. Have you had a problem with using that option?

We are talking about using USB debug device/EHCI debug port in LinuxBIOS
in legacy free PC.
Because one AM2+MCP55 MB doesn't have serial port.

I guess Eric is working on USB debug device/EHCI debug port for
earlyprintk or printk.

So we need one client program on host side. So it would great if we
could use current USB stack for
the clients on system even without debug port.

I'm getting one USB debug device cable, and will test generic usb_serial



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