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SubjectProblem with multiple mounts

I am working on a problem as mentioned below :

Problem description:

"I exported a disk partition using nbd protocol. On the nbd client, I
make reiserfs and run fsstress test case on this partition. At the same
time, I mount this partition on the nbd server. Then Oops appears as

ReiserFS: sda10: found reiserfs format "3.6" with standard journal
ReiserFS: sda10: using ordered data mode
ReiserFS: sda10: journal params: device sda10, size 8192, journal first
block 18, max trans len 1024, max batch 900, max commit age 30, max
trans age 30
ReiserFS: sda10: checking transaction log (sda10)

Oops: Kernel access of bad area, sig: 11 [#1]

Call Trace:
[C000000011333090] [C0000000001EDB70] .journal_read+0x165c/0x1b6c
[C000000011333410] [C0000000001EF280] .journal_init+0xdc0/0xee8
[C000000011333530] [C0000000001CDBD8] .reiserfs_fill_super+0xa90/0x1e40
[C000000011333790] [C00000000011E988] .get_sb_bdev+0x208/0x31c
[C000000011333870] [C0000000001CA00C] .get_super_block+0x38/0x60
[C000000011333900] [C00000000011E260] .vfs_kern_mount+0xec/0x198
[C0000000113339B0] [C00000000011E3E0] .do_kern_mount+0x88/0xdc
[C000000011333A50] [C0000000001532CC] .do_mount+0xd50/0xe08
[C000000011333D60] [C000000000175090] .compat_sys_mount+0x368/0x448
[C000000011333E30] [C00000000000861C] syscall_exit+0x0/0x40

But, if we try the steps in the reverse order,

"mount the partition on nbd server first and then try fsstress tests on
the client side. This is just to ensure that the server is not seeing an
incomplete journal created by the client side runs."

Things work fine !

I doubt if this is due to the mount finding an incomplete journal
created by the client side fsstress runs in the first scenario.

My question is : Is this supported ? Mounting a filesystem which is
already mounted and replaying the ( - a may be incomplete- ) journal.


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