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Subject[-mm patch 0/4] Atmel SPI driver and related AVR32 changes
Hi all,

This series contains a SPI master driver for the Atmel AT32/AT91 SPI
controller along with a GPIO API for avr32 and a few other changes this
driver depends on to work.

I have compile-tested the driver on arm, but someone please verify that
it works on at91 boards. It should be usable for both at91rm9200 and
at91sam926x after the necessary platform-specific code is added. David
sent me some code to do this on at91 once, but I dropped it from the
patch since I don't think it will work anymore. Please let me know if
you want med to send those changes as a separate patch anyway.

The driver has been tested with mtd_dataflash and a LCD panel driver on
atstk1000 (avr32). Unfortunately, I haven't been able to use it with
jffs2, as the jffs2 wbuf code BUGs on me with mtd_dataflash (this has
been reported by several people on linux-mtd, but there doesn't seem to
be a solution yet.)

I'd appreciate comments on both the SPI driver itself (big thanks to
David for all the comments I got so far) and the GPIO API. I think we
should work towards minimizing the differences between the at32 and
at91 gpio apis so that we can eliminate a few #ifdefs in the common

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