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SubjectRe: [-mm patch 1/4] GPIO framework for AVR32
On Tue, 7 Nov 2006 12:27:15 +0100
Haavard Skinnemoen <> wrote:

> Add a simple GPIO framework for AVR32. This should be fairly similar
> to the AT91 GPIO API, but there are still a couple of differences:
> * Naming. We prefix all functions with gpio_ instead of at91_
> * request_gpio() and free_gpio() should be called to make sure
> the required pins are available, but it will still work if you
> don't.


I wonder about this naming choice. I'd have though that if/when the kernel
gets a generic GPIO driver or layer, these avr32-specific symbols will need

h8300 uses h8300_free_gpio(), and there's also omap_free_gpio(). Perhaps
this patch should have added avr32_free_gpio()?

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