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    SubjectRe: PCI card not detected on Intel 845G chipset
    Yes, windows finds the card. I even check with Netgear to make sure they haven't changed the chipset.

    Apparently, their support was wrong. I replaced the Netgear card with a different model and Linux finds it immediately.

    I am still a bit confused but there is no way to blame the kernel on this one :-)

    Thank you for taking time to look into this.


    >>> "John Stoffel" <> 11/02/06 3:55 PM >>>

    Ronny> I recently installed 2.6.16 on a compaq evo PC running Intel
    Ronny> 845G chipset. Kernel finds all major system devices (USB, VGA,
    Ronny> etc) but fails to find the installed Netgear WG311T card in the
    Ronny> PCI slot. lspci doesn't even show this card.

    Does Windows find this card? And have you made sure you've got the
    card propery seated in the slot? Maybe you've got a bad connection,
    or a 3.3v card in 5v slot. In other words, check the hardware.

    Ronny> No error messages concerning the PCI bus appear in dmesg.
    Ronny> The only weird thing is, that lspci shows this device:
    Ronny> Unknown non-vga adapter
    Ronny> with the ID 0200:7008

    Wierd, but try using 'lspci -vvvvv' for even more details on this
    unknown device.


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