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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2.6.19 1/4] ehca: assure 4k alignment for firmware control block in 64k page mode
Hi Roland!
> > As Arnd stated I need to fix this ctor issue. Do you prefer me to
> > all patches in proper format (non-mangled inline) or just this one bug
> I have the rest of the patches, so you just need to resend a fixed
> version of this one. BTW see my previous response about
> kmem_cache_zalloc() -- I think that's the best way to fix this.
Yes. This makes sense to me. Will send this one patch soon.
> In the future though if you can make a patch-sending script or
> something that lets you avoid the attachments that would be great.
Sure, will do. I just found out that I'm using an old version of
kmail and its editor (all fancy editing is turned off, just plain text)
just manngles leading and trailing tabs and spaces...

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