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SubjectRe: async I/O seems to be blocking on 2.6.15
Jens Axboe wrote:
> You could optimistically retry when you had reaped some completed
> events, or use some controlled way of blocking for free request
> notification. There are many ways, most of them share the fact that the
> time between notification and new io_submit() may change the picture, in
> which case you'd get EAGAIN once more.
> The important bit is imho to make the blocking at least deterministic.
> At some point you _have_ to block for resources, but it's not very
> polite to be blocking for a considerable time indeterministically.

Right, but there currently exists no mechanism for waiting until there
is room in the queue is there? My point was that this would be required
in order to return EAGAIN.

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