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SubjectRe: stuck in generic_file_aio_write()


> If you are working on arcmsr for official kernel version.
> This is the last version.

I'm already on that version. I'll see if I can upgrade to 2.6.19 today.

> Could you check your RAID controller event and tell someting to me?
> You can check "MBIOS"=>"Physical Drive Information"=>"View Drive
> Information"=>"Select The Drive"=>"Timeout Count"......
> It could tell you which disk had bad behavior cause your RAID volume
> offline.

I need to be in the BIOS right ? I couldn't find anything usefull with the
cli32 tool.

> About the message dump from arcmsr, it said that your RAID volume had
> something wrong and kicked out from the system.
> How about your RAID config?

CLI> disk info
Ch ModelName Serial# FirmRev Capacity State
1 HDT722516DLA380 VDK71BTCDB90KE V43OA91A 164.7GB RaidSet
2 HDT722516DLA380 VDN71BTCDEPH7G V43OA91A 164.7GB RaidSet
3 HDT722516DLA380 VDN71BTCDES96G V43OA91A 164.7GB RaidSet
4 HDT722516DLA380 VDN71BTCDE15KG V43OA91A 164.7GB RaidSet

CLI> rsf info
Num Name Disks TotalCap FreeCap DiskChannels State
1 Raid Set # 00 4 640.0GB 0.0GB 1234 Normal

CLI> vsf info
# Name Raid# Level Capacity Ch/Id/Lun State
1 ARC-1110-VOL#00 1 Raid5 480.0GB 00/00/00 Normal

A plain RAID 5 config with 4 disks.

> Areca had new firmware released (1.42).
> If you are working on "sg" device with scsi passthrough ioctl method to feed
> data into Areca's RAID volume.
> You need to limit your data under 512 blocks (256K) each transfer.
> The new firmware will enlarge it into 4096 blocks (2M) each transfer.
> The firmware version 1.42 is on releasing procedure but not yet put it on
> Areca ftp site.

I don't use the sg driver at all. Is the upgrade worth it ? I usually
don't mess with firmware unless being told to do so.

> If you need it, please tell me again.

Can you send it to me ? Installing it won't hurt I guess :)



Igmar Palsenberg

Zutphensestraatweg 85
6953 CJ Dieren
Tel: +31 (0)313 - 496741
Fax: +31 (0)313 - 420996
The Netherlands

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