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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/9] Task Watchers v2: Task watchers v2
On Fri, 2006-11-03 at 16:43 -0800, Matt Helsley wrote:

> I can certainly change this. In my defense I didn't capitalize it
> because very similar macros in init.h were not capitalized. For example:
> #define core_initcall(fn) __define_initcall("1",fn)
> #define postcore_initcall(fn) __define_initcall("2",fn)
> #define arch_initcall(fn) __define_initcall("3",fn)
> #define subsys_initcall(fn) __define_initcall("4",fn)
> #define fs_initcall(fn) __define_initcall("5",fn)
> #define device_initcall(fn) __define_initcall("6",fn)
> #define late_initcall(fn) __define_initcall("7",fn)
> setup_param, early_param, module_init, etc. do not use all-caps. And I'm
> sure that's not all.

True .. It's not mandatory. The reason that I mentioned it is because it
looked like a function was being called outside a function block, which
looks odd to me. I think I overlook the initcall functions because I see
them so often I know what they are.

> All of these declare variables and assign them attributes and values.
> > Looking at it now could you do something like,
> >
> > static int __task_watcher_init
> > audit_alloc(unsigned long val, struct task_struct *tsk)
> >
> > Instead of a macro? Might be a little less invasive.
> I like your suggestion. However, I don't see how such a macro could be
> made to replace the current macro.
> I need to be able to call every init function during task
> initialization. The current macro creates and initializes a function
> pointer in an array in the special ELF section. This allows the
> notify_task_watchers function to traverse the array and make calls to
> the init functions.

You get an "A" for research. I didn't notice you actually declare a
variable inside the macro. I thought it was only setting a section
attribute. You right, I don't see how you could call the functions in
the section without the variable declared. ( besides that's exactly how
the initcalls work. )


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