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Subject[PATCH -mm 0/5][AIO] - AIO completion signal notification v3

Here is the latest rework of the AIO completion signal notification patches.

This set consists in 5 patches:

1. rework-compat-sys-io-submit: rework the sys_io_submit() compat layer,
laying out the base for the following patches

2. aio-header-fix-includes: fixes the double inclusion of uio.h in aio.h

3. export-good_sigevent: move good_sigevent into signal.c and export it

4. aio-notify-sig: the AIO completion signal notification

5. listio: adds listio support

Description are in the individual patches.

Changes from v2:
- rebased to 2.6.19-rc6-mm2
- reworked the sys_io_submit() compat layer as suggested by Zach Brown
- fixed saving of a pointer to a task struct in aio-notify-sig as
pointed out by Andrew Morton

Changes from v1:
- cleanups suggested by Christoph Hellwig, Badari Pulavarty and Zach Brown
- added lisio patch

Comments welcomed, as usual.


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