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Subjectman-pages-2.43 is released

I just released man-pages-2.43.

This release is now available for download at:
or mirrors:

and soon at:

Changes in this release that may be of interest to readers
of this list include the following:

Changes to individual pages

David Brownell

Update the RTC man page to reflect the new RTC class framework:

- Generalize ... it's not just for PC/AT style RTCs, and there
may be more than one RTC per system.

- Not all RTCs expose the same feature set as PC/AT ones; most
of these ioctls will be rejected by some RTCs.

- Be explicit about when {A,P}IE_{ON,OFF} calls are needed.

- Describe the parameter to the get/set epoch request; correct
the description of the get/set frequency parameter.

- Document RTC_WKALM_{RD,SET}, which don't need AIE_{ON,OFF} and
which support longer alarm periods.

- Hey, not all system clock implementations count timer irqs any
more now that the new RT-derived clock support is merging.

Andi Kleen
Describe the correct default for UDP/RAW path MTU discovery.




Michael Kerrisk
maintainer of Linux man pages Sections 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7

Want to help with man page maintenance? Grab the latest tarball at
read the HOWTOHELP file and grep the source files for 'FIXME'.

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