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SubjectRe: What happened to CONFIG_TCP_NAGLE_OFF?
Matt Garman wrote:
> I would like to globally disable nagling on my (2.6.9) system. There
> are several references on the web to the CONFIG_TCP_NAGLE_OFF kernel
> config option. However, it appears as though this no longer exists.
> How might I achieve having TCP_NODELAY effectively set for all sockets
> (by default)? Is there a new/different kernel config option, a patch,
> a sysctl or proc setting? Or can I "fake" this behavior by, e.g.
> setting a send buffer sufficiently small?

This is a bad idea and breaks api compatibility. Nagle is very
important for sockets being used for things like telnet. Other
applications, like ftp, should already disable nagle themselves.

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