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SubjectRe: Intel 82559 NIC corrupted EEPROM
On 11/29/06, John <> wrote:
> > Let's go ahead and print the output from e100_load_eeprom
> > debug patch attached.
> Loading (then unloading) e100.ko fails the first few times (i.e. the
> driver claims one of the EEPROMs is corrupted). Thereafter, sometimes it
> fails, other times it works. Sounds like a race, no?

yes, or something like that. I think you may have a piece of eeprom
hardware that is either "slow" or slightly out of spec. I wonder if
the hrt kernel makes udelay(4) much more like 4us than the regular

can you try adding mdelay(100); in e100_eeprom_load before the for loop,
and then change the multiple udelay(4) to mdelay(1) in e100_eeprom_read

> On an unrelated note, insmod_100.txt is truncated at the beginning, and
> insmod_110.txt is truncated in the middle (!!) cf. line 14. What would
> cause klogd to behave like that?

usually its because whatever is printing is printing too fast or too
much at a time.
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