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Subject[patch 0/2] adaptive readahead fixes

Here are two bug fix patches against -mm, with their recommended placement:




Two trivial fixes.
// Was three, but you were so swift on CTL_UNNUMBERED :-)


The NFS benchmark is ran again with the bug fixed.
The summary is included in the patch as changelog.
The raw numbers are here:

pattern=f rsize=8k

ratio=1 3.04s clock 0.64s kernel 0.01s user 224+1987 cs
ratio=1 3.06s clock 0.66s kernel 0.02s user 199+2340 cs
ratio=1 3.10s clock 0.63s kernel 0.02s user 254+2264 cs

ratio=50 2.59s clock 0.60s kernel 0.02s user 106+1180 cs
ratio=50 2.43s clock 0.59s kernel 0.01s user 94+1189 cs
ratio=50 2.50s clock 0.59s kernel 0.02s user 98+1174 cs

pattern=f rsize=32k

ratio=1 2.39s clock 0.29s kernel 0.02s user 1046+59 cs
ratio=1 2.40s clock 0.29s kernel 0.01s user 1040+69 cs
ratio=1 2.41s clock 0.28s kernel 0.02s user 1114+55 cs

ratio=50 2.18s clock 0.32s kernel 0.02s user 227+213 cs
ratio=50 2.15s clock 0.32s kernel 0.02s user 230+215 cs
ratio=50 2.17s clock 0.33s kernel 0.01s user 225+208 cs

pattern=f rsize=128k

ratio=1 2.42s clock 0.32s kernel 0.01s user 436+131 cs
ratio=1 2.38s clock 0.33s kernel 0.02s user 441+128 cs
ratio=1 2.39s clock 0.31s kernel 0.01s user 448+122 cs

ratio=50 2.36s clock 0.30s kernel 0.01s user 202+67 cs
ratio=50 2.21s clock 0.31s kernel 0.02s user 194+72 cs
ratio=50 2.47s clock 0.30s kernel 0.01s user 201+63 cs

pattern=ff rsize=8k

ratio=1 12.19s clock 1.18s kernel 0.38s user 4152+13042 cs
ratio=1 12.88s clock 1.21s kernel 0.33s user 4564+12574 cs
ratio=1 12.26s clock 1.22s kernel 0.38s user 4857+12453 cs

ratio=50 6.53s clock 1.27s kernel 0.32s user 174+2256 cs
ratio=50 6.33s clock 1.27s kernel 0.33s user 164+2252 cs
ratio=50 6.35s clock 1.24s kernel 0.35s user 151+2264 cs

pattern=ff rsize=32k

ratio=1 14.49s clock 0.90s kernel 0.37s user 2904+9906 cs
ratio=1 14.55s clock 1.00s kernel 0.34s user 2899+9803 cs
ratio=1 14.81s clock 1.00s kernel 0.31s user 2910+10147 cs

ratio=50 5.48s clock 0.65s kernel 0.30s user 177+512 cs
ratio=50 5.42s clock 0.68s kernel 0.29s user 181+509 cs
ratio=50 5.47s clock 0.65s kernel 0.29s user 175+521 cs

pattern=ff rsize=128k

ratio=1 15.87s clock 0.90s kernel 0.32s user 1496+8738 cs
ratio=1 15.33s clock 0.89s kernel 0.34s user 1718+8350 cs
ratio=1 16.17s clock 0.91s kernel 0.32s user 1706+7959 cs

ratio=50 5.18s clock 0.56s kernel 0.28s user 175+255 cs
ratio=50 5.22s clock 0.57s kernel 0.30s user 172+258 cs
ratio=50 5.16s clock 0.54s kernel 0.30s user 168+260 cs

pattern=d rsize=8k

ratio=1 2.86s clock 0.45s kernel 0.07s user 7961+729 cs
ratio=1 2.87s clock 0.50s kernel 0.07s user 8036+627 cs
ratio=1 2.80s clock 0.51s kernel 0.07s user 7986+640 cs

ratio=50 2.58s clock 0.51s kernel 0.07s user 8873+177 cs
ratio=50 2.39s clock 0.51s kernel 0.05s user 8782+194 cs
ratio=50 2.48s clock 0.51s kernel 0.06s user 8884+171 cs

pattern=d rsize=32k

ratio=1 2.49s clock 0.40s kernel 0.05s user 7428+83 cs
ratio=1 2.57s clock 0.40s kernel 0.06s user 7425+86 cs
ratio=1 2.54s clock 0.41s kernel 0.06s user 7427+83 cs

ratio=50 2.02s clock 0.40s kernel 0.08s user 7478+169 cs
ratio=50 1.99s clock 0.43s kernel 0.05s user 7488+162 cs
ratio=50 1.95s clock 0.39s kernel 0.05s user 7483+169 cs

pattern=d rsize=128k

ratio=1 2.17s clock 0.41s kernel 0.05s user 7248+120 cs
ratio=1 2.13s clock 0.42s kernel 0.05s user 7242+133 cs
ratio=1 2.23s clock 0.43s kernel 0.07s user 7247+121 cs

ratio=50 2.09s clock 0.39s kernel 0.06s user 7315+97 cs
ratio=50 1.93s clock 0.41s kernel 0.05s user 7314+131 cs
ratio=50 1.97s clock 0.43s kernel 0.07s user 7317+132 cs

pattern=dd rsize=8k

ratio=1 8.23s clock 1.04s kernel 0.18s user 15564+1306 cs
ratio=1 8.20s clock 1.06s kernel 0.17s user 15465+1251 cs
ratio=1 8.04s clock 1.03s kernel 0.15s user 15487+1226 cs

ratio=50 8.06s clock 1.03s kernel 0.18s user 16992+291 cs
ratio=50 8.14s clock 0.98s kernel 0.19s user 17011+297 cs
ratio=50 7.77s clock 1.01s kernel 0.16s user 16920+292 cs

pattern=dd rsize=32k

ratio=1 8.46s clock 0.91s kernel 0.16s user 14248+593 cs
ratio=1 8.27s clock 0.85s kernel 0.17s user 14266+564 cs
ratio=1 8.09s clock 0.86s kernel 0.18s user 14255+551 cs

ratio=50 6.85s clock 0.89s kernel 0.18s user 14304+301 cs
ratio=50 6.79s clock 0.93s kernel 0.14s user 14302+274 cs
ratio=50 6.99s clock 0.93s kernel 0.17s user 14296+303 cs

pattern=dd rsize=128k

ratio=1 7.87s clock 0.88s kernel 0.17s user 13845+368 cs
ratio=1 7.81s clock 0.89s kernel 0.17s user 13853+393 cs
ratio=1 7.57s clock 0.90s kernel 0.17s user 13838+433 cs

ratio=50 6.97s clock 0.84s kernel 0.19s user 13816+235 cs
ratio=50 6.90s clock 0.88s kernel 0.19s user 13816+225 cs
ratio=50 7.03s clock 0.84s kernel 0.18s user 13813+222 cs

Fengguang Wu

About the partial sendfile problem mentioned in the previous benchmark mail:
The stock readahead is not handling it correctly, but not so destructive.
So I choose not to submit the patch.
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