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Subject[ANNOUNCE] KVM userspace release 5


- AMD SVM support (x86-64 hosts only)
- Preliminary live migration support
- 'make install' also installs kernel modules, if selected
- random fixes

The kernel package in this release produces three modules: kvm.ko,
kvm-intel.ko, and kvm-amd.ko. To use kvm, you must either 'modprobe
kvm-$arch', or 'insmod /path/to/kvm.ko; insmod /path/to/kvm-$arch.ko'.

The new live migration feature (at present more accurately described as
"zombie migration", since the guest does not make progress while it is
migrated) can be used as follows (assume two hosts A, B):

1. A: Start a VM. Play with it for a while.
2. B: Start a VM with *exactly* the same options, plus a '-S'. The disk
images must be shared.
3. A: switch to monitor (alt-ctrl-2), type 'stop'.
4. B: switch to monitor, type 'migration listen'.
5. A: 'migration connect'
6. A: 'migration start offline'
7. A: 'quit'
8: B: 'cont', and switch to display (alt-ctrl-1)

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