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Subjectmismatch between default and defconfig LOG_BUF_SHIFT values

not like it's a big deal, but there's a minor incongruity between
the default values for LOG_BUF_SHIFT for IA64 depending on whether
you're configuring for the first time or not.

if i'm configuring with a fresh tree for the first time (so that
there's no .config file) and i run:

$ make ARCH=ia64 menuconfig (on my x86 system, just for fun)

then the initial value for LOG_BUF_SHIFT is obtained from


however, once i do that initial config, if i deselect "Kernel
debugging" and later reselect it, the new default value of 16 for that
config option comes from lib/Kconfig.debug:

int "Kernel log buffer size (16 => 64KB, 17 => 128KB)" if DEBUG_KERNEL
range 12 21
default 17 if S390 || LOCKDEP
default 16 if X86_NUMAQ || IA64 <-- 16, not 20

is it worth trying to bring the Kconfig.debug default values into
line with the defconfig file values, to avoid any possible confusion?


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