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SubjectRe: Allow turning off hpa-checking.
Andreas Leitgeb wrote:
> On Mon, Nov 27, 2006 at 07:59:40PM +0000, Alan wrote:
>>> size remains still constant, and the exceeding damaged sectors are
>>> auto-"hidden" by the drive by means of HPA.
>>> Still incorrect?
>> Still incorrect. HPA has nothing to do with damaged sectors. The damaged
>> sectors are replaced from a pool of sectors that are reserved for this
>> purpose.
> Please re-read my previous mail. I *explicitly* wrote that
> I'm talking about drives, whose "reserved pool of extra/spare
> sectors" was already exhausted.
> Considering that: still incorrect?

Yeap, if the drive has run out of spare sectors, bad sectors will no
longer get better after being written to. The drive will *never* *ever*
get shorter.

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