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Subjectisochronous receives?
Keith, et. al,

I am having problems with isochronous receives, and remembered just as
I was getting ready to dig into the source that there was a message
about this stuff. Lo and behold your message to linux1394-user from
September 7:

> I'm trying to receive isochronous streams (using libraw1394 1.2.0), and
> I've noticed that if data is transmitted on channel 63, then my app tends
> to work fine. If the stream is on a different channel, then I don't see
> any isochronous packets at all. I'm using 2.4.29, I've also tried 2.6.15
> with similar results, can't seem to receive channels < 63.

Did you ultimately have any success getting this going? Funnily
enough, when I tested isochronous stuff in July, I just did iso
transmit since I figured receives *must* be working since everyone has
camcorders and whatnot. My currently my iso xmit stuff does appear to
be working, but iso receives are not.

I have a Firespy and no reason not to trust it, so I can see the junk
I'm spewing out. I've tried transmitting on channels 4 and 63 (per
your advice), but neither works for me. I suppose it could my
stuff... nah.

Robert Crocombe
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