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SubjectRe: NTP time sync
Joakim Tjernlund wrote:
>>> Is that the way it is supposed to be? How do I create a
>> static /dev/rtcN in my /dev
>>> directory if the major number isn't fixed?
>>> Maybe I am just missing something, feel free to correct me :)
>> udev ;)
>> the concept of static numbers is quite old...
> Yes it is old, but is the old way unsupported now? I have an embedded target
> which is using the old static /dev directory, do I need to make
> it udev aware to use newer features like the rtc subsystem?
Really you do not have to make it udev aware, it is enough to make it
sysfs aware. You will be done by reading /sys/class/misc/rtc/dev on
initialization and replacing /dev/rtcN with device with the address
read. If you have configuration static enough, I guess you can even
create it once and for life of current setup with current kernel.
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