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SubjectRe: [patch] x86: unify/rewrite SMP TSC sync code
On Sun, 2006-11-26 at 00:16 -0800, Wink Saville wrote:
> Robert Hancock wrote:
> >>>> Actually, we need to ask the CPU/System makers to provide a system wide
> > Generally user mode code should just be using gettimeofday. When the TSC
> > is usable as a sane time source, the kernel will use it. When it's not,
> > it will use something else like the HPET, ACPI PM Timer or (at last
> > resort) the PIT, in increasing degrees of slowness.
> >
> But gettimeofday is much too expensive compared to RDTSC.

it's the cost of a syscall (1000 cycles?) plus what it takes to get a
reasonable time estimate. Assuming your kernel has enough time support
AND your tsc is reasonably ok, it'll be using that. If it's NOT using
that then that's a pretty good sign that you can't also use it in

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