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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/5] WorkStruct: Shrink work_struct by two thirds

On Thu, 23 Nov 2006, David Howells wrote:
> Of course, it all depends on whether Linus wants to take it at all... Linus?

I think it's a cleanup, and yes, I'll take it. Not only does it shrink the
workqueue thing, I think it's a good thing to make the timer delay option
explicit, since it's really a totally separate feature.

I obviously didn't see how nasty the conflicts were, and I would want it
to be not too painful for Andrew. So I could either take it early after
2.6.19 _or_ after Andrew has merged the bulk of his stuff, depending on
which way is easier.

I'd actually prefer to take it before -rc1, because I think the previous
time we did something after -rc1 was a failure (the whole irq argument
handling thing). It just exposed too many problems too late in the dev
cycle. I'd rather have the problems be exposed by the time -rc1 rolls out,
and keep the whole "we've done all major nasty ops by -rc1" thing)

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