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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/5] WorkStruct: Shrink work_struct by two thirds
David Howells wrote:
> Andrew Morton <> wrote:
>> waaaaaaaay too many rejects for me, sorry.
> Actually... there is a way to do this sort of incrementally,
> Might that help?

I'd say, do it one step, as quickly as you can. And do it on top of
-rc1. For now you could test for yourself to rebase your current
patchset onto -mm --- just to get an impression of the steps you will
have to go through once you have an -rc1 to work with.

Maybe it's a bit less trouble if you split the patchset per subsystem,
in a similar manner as the various patch collections in -mm are divided
per subsystem or subproject. This would also allow you to reuse parts of
an -mm rebase from now for a -rc1 rebase later. I.e. go for more
parallelism, not for more sequential steps. ( I naively suggesting,
without any own experience in such things.)
Stefan Richter
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