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SubjectRe: 2007 Linux Storage & Filesystem Workshop

Theodore Ts'o wrote:

>The submission date for the Linux Storage and Filesystem Workshop is
>coming up quickly, and I'd encourage folks who are interested to submit
>a 2-3 paragraph position statement.
> - Ted

Just another reminder - please do send in a submission if you want to
attend. If you cannot send in a submission by the 24th, you can contact
me or someone else on the program committee and we can help.



>2007 Linux Storage & Filesystem Workshop Call for Position Statements
>2007 Linux Storage & Filesystem Workshop
>February 12--13, 2007
>San Jose, CA
>Co-located with the 5th USENIX Conference on File and Storage
>Technologies (FAST '07), which will take place February
>13--16, 2007
>Important Dates
>Submissions due: November 24, 2006
>Notification of acceptance: December 15, 2006
>Workshop Organizers
>Program Chair
>Ric Wheeler, EMC
>Program Committee
>Jens Axboe, Oracle
>James Bottomley, SteelEye
>Valerie Henson, Intel
>Andrew Morton, Google
>Trond Myklebust, Network Appliance
>Brian Pawlowski, Network Appliance
>Theodore Ts'o, IBM
>The Linux Storage and Filesystem Workshop is a small, tightly focused,
>by-invitation workshop. It is intended to bring together developers and
>researchers interested in implementing improvements in the Linux
>filesystem and storage subsystems that can find their way into the
>mainline kernel and into Linux distributions in the 2--3-year
>timeframe. The workshop will be two days, the second day overlapping
>with FAST '07 tutorials. The workshop will be separated into storage and
>filesystem tracks, with a combined plenary session.
>Topics and Submissions
>Researchers and developers who are interested in attending should submit
>a 2--3-paragraph position statement that describes the topic or topics
>they would like to discuss during the workshop, and whether such a topic
>would suit the filesystem track, the storage track, or the plenary
>session. Examples of topics of interest include:
> * New trends in storage technologies likely to impact Linux in the
> next 3--5 years
> * More realistic methods of measuring filesystem and storage performance
> * Proposed improvements to Linux filesystems, including, in particular:
> o Handling of storage errors
> o Filesystem repair techniques
> o Scaling to very large (terabyte) filesystems
> * Progress reports on implementation of features discussed at the
> Portland Filesystem Summit
> * Changes to the interface between the operating system and storage devices
> * Proposed improvements to existing Linux storage subsystems,
> particularly with an emphasis on:
> o Refactoring common code out of storage subsystems and into
> the block layer
> o Better robustness and error recovery
> o Barrier implementations in the face of TCQ
> o Making use of storage capabilities (such as block guard or
> non-power-of-2 block sizes) for novel filesystem and
> application features
> * Progress reports on implementation of features discussed at the
> Vancouver Storage Summit
> * Userspace tools for managing storage systems (including better
> presentation to the user via sysfs)
> * Storage futures, including:
> o New transports
> o Changes to existing standards for new storage features
> o SAS/SATA convergence
> o Do we yet have a use for Object-Based Storage Devices (OSD)?
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