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SubjectRe: [patch -mm] net namespace: empty framework
>>>We will need this framework to move the network isolation code to the
>>>ns_proxy/net_namespace structure. So if Cedric gives us a empty
>>>framework it is fine, except if someone does not agree with it...
>>> -- Daniel.
>>This patch looks acceptable for us.
>>BTW, Daniel, we agreed to be based on the Andrey's patchset. I do not see a
>>reason, why Cedric force us to make some unnecessary work and move existent
>>patchset over his interface.
> If you are going to take that attitude. Where was this conversation?
> It appears several relevant people were not aware of this development
> discussion. So when it comes up for general review you can expect your
> approach as well as your code to be critiqued.


Dim collected the requirements for all the network virtualization approaches:
This was discussed with Daniel and Herbert.

Dim and Daniel just wanted to prepare the patches for this.
So I hope your critique will be constructive as they do a hard job :)


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