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SubjectRe: [SPARC64]: resumable error decoding
>>Running stress tests on OpenVZ 2.6.18 sparc64 kernel we hit the following:
>>------- cut --------
>>[285401.094964] RESUMABLE ERROR: Reporting on cpu 0
>>[285401.626736] RESUMABLE ERROR: err_handle[410000000000c6f] err_stick[103921ee2007c] err_type[00000004:warning resumable]
>>[285402.869015] RESUMABLE ERROR: err_attrs[00000020: ]
>>[285403.491920] RESUMABLE ERROR: err_raddr[0000000000000000] err_size[0] err_cpu[0]
> This is a power-off request, did someone push the power-off button
> or give the power-off command from the System Controller console?
ahh, looks like this :)
one of our users reproduced an issue which causes both mainstream and
2.6.18 OVZ kerenls to hang on sparc :/ will investigate...
probably he reset the box after the hang :)

> I should add proper support for this, this report is a good reminder
> :-)
would be nice :@)

> All resumable errors of type 0x4 are power-off requests.
> Unfortunately these encodings are not in any of the publicly published
> documents.
thanks a lot for the explanation!


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