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SubjectRe: [patch 1/2] fix call to alloc_bootmem after bootmem has been freed
On Tuesday 21 November 2006 19:26, Andrew Morton wrote:
> slab is a very different thing from vmalloc.  One could easily envisage
> situations (now or in the future) in which slab is ready, but vmalloc is
> not (more likely vice versa).
> It'd be better to add a new vmalloc_is_available.  (Just an int - no need
> for a helper function).

In the time line, we currently have

init_bootmem() # alloc_bootmem starts working
paging_init() # needed for vmalloc
... #
free_all_bootmem() # alloc_bootmem stops working, alloc_pages
# starts working
kmem_cache_init() # kmalloc and vmalloc start working
system_state = SYSTEM_RUNNING

The one interesting point here is where you have to transition between
calling alloc_bootmem and calling the regular allocator functions.
Maybe calling it slab_is_available() was not the best choice for a name,
but I don't see a point in having different names for essentially the
same question, "bootmem or not bootmem". The powerpc platform has an
integer variable called 'mem_init_done', which expresses this well
IMHO, but it's currently not portable.

Checking for SYSTEM_RUNNING is obviously the wrong choice, since it is
set at a very late point in bootup, long after bootmem is gone.

Arnd <><
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