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SubjectRe: [OT] Re: bug? VFAT copy problem
On Wed, 2006-11-22 at 15:53 +0100, DervishD wrote:
> Hi Sérgio :)
> * Sergio Monteiro Basto <> dixit:
> > Have vfat a limit of a file size when copy ?
> 2GB, if I recall correctly. FAT32 itself has a limit of 4GB-1 for
> file size, but Linux restricts it even more (don't ask me why).

May I say that FAT32 have a bigger limit (at least on last Windows).

The file in question have 4491771904 bytes, 4288 mega bytes , 4.2G or
4.5G if use powers of 1000.

I copy the file from one FAT32 to my computer (ext3), now I would like
to copy to other FAT32. But I just copy 4096 mega bytes (and terminate
with an error of limit file exceed) .

Have you a solution for the case ? Now I have the file in ext3 and I
couldn't copy to any vfat :)
I have a solution with cifs or smbmount, but in same computer ?

> Raúl Núñez de Arenas Coronado
Sérgio M.B.
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