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SubjectRe: bug? VFAT copy problem
On Thu, 23 Nov 2006 04:51:56 +0900
OGAWA Hirofumi <> wrote:

> The both of patch and option should be needed. Because the following
> filename is not shortname, shortname option doesn't affect.
> If you test shortname=winnt without patch, it should still show the
> problem of following filename, but it should be rare case though.
> Can you test it?

unfortunately not, the files have been renamed and renaming them back I can't reproduce the magical effect they did before.
Now I will try to rescan for any kind of files with long names and see if with the option on and without the patch it will re-generate that kind of errors they gave me.
I must thank you a lot, maybe a bottle of wine will do it ;)
anyway I didn't get why some files will copy with the right case and other don't. Was it a problem with the dentry table randomly failing in saving the filename? the shortname option in the Docs isn't well accurate in explaining the meaning of "Windows X rule for display/create", I will investigate after having checked the 32 GB of files. thanks again.

Matteo 'Peach' Pescarin

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