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Subject[script] Human-readable of supported pci hardware
I've written a small (python) script that takes that info from
/lib/modules/`uname -r`/modules.pcimap, looks up the PCIIDs in the pciid
database (placed in /usr/share/misc/pci.ids in ubuntu, change the path if
your system is different) and generates a list of human-readable hardware
that each module supports (obviously the in-kernel stuff isn't included
in the list). I've never seen a util that does this, and I though people
may be interested in this crappy script

This only gives a list of supported "pci devices". It's easy to extend
it to print also usb devices, and it'd be also possible for ieee1394
or isapnp cards if there were a "id" database available.

It be possible to dump the data in a database and do queries like "what
sound cards does linux support?" But right now pretty much every driver
except a few ones doesn't seem to set the pci_device_id.class field.

The script is at:

Obligatory screenshot:

Driver: snd-ymfpci
Device: YMF-724 (deviceid 0004); made by Yamaha Corporation (vendorid 1073)
Device: YMF-724F [DS-1 Audio Controller] (deviceid 000d); made by Yamaha Corporation (vendorid 1073)
Device: DS1L Audio (deviceid 000a); made by Yamaha Corporation (vendorid 1073)
Device: YMF-740C [DS-1L Audio Controller] (deviceid 000c); made by Yamaha Corporation (vendorid 1073)
Device: YMF-744B [DS-1S Audio Controller] (deviceid 0010); made by Yamaha Corporation (vendorid 1073)
Device: YMF-754 [DS-1E Audio Controller] (deviceid 0012); made by Yamaha Corporation (vendorid 1073)

A full list for a default ubuntu kernel can be found at:
(obviously, to get a list of all the pci hardware supported by the
kernel you'd need to compile a "allmodconfig" kernel)
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