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SubjectRe: Debugfs : inotify, multiple calls to debugfs_create_file, remove
On Mon, Nov 20, 2006 at 01:18:38PM -0500, Mathieu Desnoyers wrote:
> Hi Greg,
> I just had to add inotify support to my LTTng consumer so I could inform it
> of the presence of new CPUs (for CPU hotplug). I noticed that no
> notification event was being sent when a debugfs file is created from within
> the kernel through debugfs_create. There are probably other notifications
> missing, but here is the patch adding the one I care about. Should it be added
> in libfs or in debugfs ?

So does this fix the inotify issue?

> A second problem I noticed is when a caller calls debugfs_create_file more than
> once : the result is that the debugfs_remove will fail. I guess the second call
> to debugfs_create_file increments the reference counts (there is not fix for
> this issue in my patch).
> Third problem : a failing call to debugfs_remove keeps the filesystem pinned.
> (fixed by calling simple_release_fs in the error path).
> The third problem : When a process is in a directory, the call to simple_rmdir
> will fail. Debugfs does not use its return value. I noticed that calling
> simple_unlink on a directory when simple_rmdir fails removes the directory that
> would otherwise be left there. I am not sure if this approach is correct
> through.
> This patch is against Linux 2.6.18.

Care to split this into 4 different patches (you seem to have 4 issues
here), so that it's easier to see them, and it will follow the
1-patch-per-issue rule?


greg k-h
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