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SubjectRe: [patch -mm] net namespace: empty framework
Quoting Cedric Le Goater (
> Hello,
> Dmitry Mishin wrote:
> > This patch looks acceptable for us.
> good. shall we merge it then ? see comment below.
> > BTW, Daniel, we agreed to be based on the Andrey's patchset. I do not see a
> > reason, why Cedric force us to make some unnecessary work and move existent
> > patchset over his interface.
> yeah it's a bit different from andrey's but not that much and it's more in

Where is Andrey's patch?

> the spirit of uts and ipc namespace (and user namespace if that reaches the
> kernel one day :) so that's why i made the small changes.

I agree the namespace frameworks should be consistent, but i don't know
whether Andrey's is or not. I'd like to have the framework included so
we reduce the number of silly rewrites due to clone flag collisions etc.

> It also helping the nsproxy/namespace syscalls to have a similar interface
> to manipulate namespaces. who knows, soon we might be able to have a 'struct
> namespace' with a ops field to define new namespace types ?
> I can also send a empty framework for user namespace ;)

Please do - then I'll rebase the patchset I sent to the containes list
onto your patch, and resubmit the whole userns.

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