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SubjectRe: [take24 0/6] kevent: Generic event handling mechanism.
Evgeniy Polyakov wrote:
> I've checked the code.
> Since it will be a union, it is impossible to use _sigev_thread and it
> becomes just SIGEV_SIGNAL case with different delivery mechanism.
> Is it what you want?

struct sigevent is defined like this:

typedef struct sigevent {
sigval_t sigev_value;
int sigev_signo;
int sigev_notify;
union {
int _pad[SIGEV_PAD_SIZE];
int _tid;

struct {
void (*_function)(sigval_t);
void *_attribute; /* really pthread_attr_t */
} _sigev_thread;
} _sigev_un;
} sigevent_t;

For the SIGEV_KEVENT case:

sigev_notify is set to SIGEV_KEVENT (obviously)

sigev_value can be used for the void* data passed along with the
signal, just like in the case of a signal delivery

Now you need a way to specify the kevent descriptor. Just add

int _kevent;

inside the union and if you want

#define sigev_kevent_descr _sigev_un._kevent

That should be all.

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