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SubjectRe: Where did find_bus() go in 2.6.18?
Arjan van de Ven wrote:
> > Persistent as in: get down on your knees and say "please, please, pretty
> > please"?
> no as in "listen to the code review feedback and fix things and then try
> again"

You can't do much listening if it's being ignored.

> > AFAICT, code is being ignored/rejected for the mere reason that it's not
> > considered useful; but who's to say what is useful and what's not?
> no things are being reject because they're not being *used*.
> Subtle but important difference ;)
> But yes, you need to do a moderate amount of "selling" when submitting
> code. For a driver that's easy usually, "this is a driver for device X"
> and "sold" if the code is reasonable.
> For major subsystem changes... you need to explain why it's worth the
> disruption. If you can't explain that...

So now we have to be linguists? Some people don't have the ability to
explain things easily(wordily); call it a disability, if you like.

> --
> if you want to mail me at work (and no Mr Al Boldi, you really don't want
> to), use arjan (at)

I was trying to do you a favor; anyway, is something forcing you to put that
line into your sig?

Thanks anyway!


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