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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Disable INTx when enabling MSI in forcedeth

On Tue, 21 Nov 2006, Daniel Barkalow wrote:
> My nVidia ethernet card doesn't disable its own INTx when MSI is
> enabled. This causes a steady stream of spurious interrupts that
> eventually kills my SATA IRQ if MSI is used with forcedeth, which is
> true by default. Simply disabling the INTx interrupt takes care of it.
> This is against -stable, and would be suitable once someone who knows the
> code verifies that it's correct.

I _really_ think that we should do this in pci_msi_enable().

Screw cards that are not PCI-2.3 compliant - just make the rule be that if
you use MSI, you _have_ to allow us to set the disable-INTx bit. It's then
up to the drivers to decide if they can use MSI or not.

(Even a number of cards that are not PCI-2.3 may simply not _implement_
the disable-INTx bit, and in that case, they can use MSI if they disable
INTx automatically - the ).



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