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Subject[SPARC64]: resumable error decoding

Running stress tests on OpenVZ 2.6.18 sparc64 kernel we hit the following:
------- cut --------
[285401.094964] RESUMABLE ERROR: Reporting on cpu 0
[285401.626736] RESUMABLE ERROR: err_handle[410000000000c6f] err_stick[103921ee2007c] err_type[00000004:warning resumable]
[285402.869015] RESUMABLE ERROR: err_attrs[00000020: ]
[285403.491920] RESUMABLE ERROR: err_raddr[0000000000000000] err_size[0] err_cpu[0]
[285404.347508] TSTATE: 0000004480001602 TPC: 000000000041931c TNPC: 0000000000419320 Y: 00000000 Not tainted
[285405.496613] TPC: <cpu_idle+0x84/0xc0>
[285405.892615] g0: 00000000006e2531 g1: 0000000000000016 g2: 0000000000000014 g3: 00000000006def80
[285406.550536] g4: 00000000006e2f80 g5: fffff8000449bd40 g6: 00000000006def80 g7: 0000038000004000
[285406.884717] o0: 0000000000000000 o1: 00000000006def88 o2: 0000000000004000 o3: 4000000000000000
[285407.214724] o4: 0000000000001290 o5: 0000000000000012 sp: 00000000006e2531 ret_pc: 0000000000419308
[285407.562135] RPC: <cpu_idle+0x70/0xc0>
[285407.701342] l0: 00000000006de800 l1: 0000000000000027 l2: 0000000000000000 l3: 00000001ff000000
[285408.029282] l4: 0000000040004110 l5: 00000000fff74080 l6: 00000000fff4d701 l7: 00000000f0254040
[285408.348195] i0: 0000000100000000 i1: 0000000000000000 i2: 0000000000000000 i3: 0000000100000000
[285408.681920] i4: 0000000000000080 i5: 0000000000000080 i6: 00000000006e25f1 i7: 00000000007a67ec
[285409.010870] I7: <start_kernel+0x294/0x300>
------- cut --------

it looks like the hardware reports some problem and
the most interesting field is err_attrs...

u32 err_attrs;
#define SUN4V_ERR_ATTRS_PROCESSOR 0x00000001
#define SUN4V_ERR_ATTRS_MEMORY 0x00000002
#define SUN4V_ERR_ATTRS_PIO 0x00000004
#define SUN4V_ERR_ATTRS_INT_REGISTERS 0x00000008
#define SUN4V_ERR_ATTRS_FPU_REGISTERS 0x00000010
#define SUN4V_ERR_ATTRS_USER_MODE 0x01000000
#define SUN4V_ERR_ATTRS_PRIV_MODE 0x02000000
#define SUN4V_ERR_ATTRS_RES_QUEUE_FULL 0x80000000

.. which should explain what subsystem is faulty.
However, 2.6.18 kernel knows nothing about the value 0x20 :/
I also didn't find anything in available documenation about this.
Can you sched some light on this please?
A link to the doc or some hint would be very much appreciated.


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