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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/4] atl1: Header files for Attansic L1 driver

On Nov 20 2006 01:01, Chris Snook wrote:
> Jan Engelhardt wrote:
>> > +#define AT_READ_REG_ARRAY(a, reg, offset) ( \
>> > + readl(((a)->hw_addr + reg) + ((offset) << 2)))
>> Possibly similarly.
> Yeah, we'll inline these as well. Would you say that level of cosmetic
> cleanliness is required for merging, or should we focus solely on the
> functional issues for now?

Required? No I do not think so, there is worse code than this. (Don't
take that as an excuse to write bad code! :-)
It's just that it's easier to read if there are less parentheses.
These defines are a good example of border (define vs inline) cases.

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