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SubjectRe: [patch/rfc 2.6.19-rc5] arch-neutral GPIO calls
David Brownell wrote:

>A fine example of two platform-specific notions. First, that GPIO signals
>are muxed in that way ... they could easily have dedicated pins!! Second,
>that there's even a one-to-one association between pins and GPIOs ... I'll
>repeat the previous example of OMAP1, where certain GPIOs could come out on
>any of several pins. And where some pins can be muxed to work with more
>than one GPIO (but only one at a time, of course). Clearly, neither pin
>refcounting nor GPIO claiming can be sufficient to prevent such problems ...

So, you're saying that if GPIOA1 can come out on pins ZZ1 and BB6, then
there would be two unique "GPIO numbers", one for each possibility?


Bill Gatliff

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