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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2.6.19-rc5-mm2] fs/dlm: fix recursive dependency in Kconfig
Stefan Richter wrote:
> make xconfig says
> "Warning! Found recursive dependency: INET IPV6 DLM (null) DLM_TCP INET"
> Seems to be another example of how badly the "select" keyword is handled
> by the .config make targets. Replace all occurences of "select" in dlm's
> Kconfig by "depends on" and some additional help texts.

The problem I found when using DEPENDS rather than SELECT in that position is that if you don't already have LINET or SCTP selected
then neither of the transports appear and you can effectively select the DLM without any transports. and that won't compile.

I prefer the already posted solutions to this.

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