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SubjectRe: [PATCH 01/22] powerpc: convert idle_loop to use hard_irq_disable()
Arnd Bergmann writes:

> I got a bug report that I believe might be fixed by this
> patch. The problem seems to be that with soft-disabled
> interrupts in power_save, we can still get external exceptions
> on Cell, even if we are in pause(0) a.k.a. sleep state.


> - local_irq_disable();
> + hard_irq_disable();

This would mean that any platform-specific power_save function that
wants to re-enable interrupts (as the pseries ones do) would have to
do hard_irq_enable instead of local_irq_enable. Also, I don't think
this change will be good on iSeries.

What we want is an irq-disable function that is like local_irq_disable
but also clears MSR_EE and the hard irq enabled flag (provided we
aren't running on iSeries).

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