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Subject[patch 2.6.19-rc6 0/6] more rtc framework/driver updates
Here are more RTC framework updates, basically for the 2.6.20 queue:

- /proc/driver/rtc update ... display the 'struct rtc_wkalrm' status
bits more sensibly (though the EFI "irq pending" flag is nonsense
with an OS running)

- rtc-sa1100 update ... wasn't reporting "alarm enabled", and its
extra procfs info duplicated information already found there

- X86_PC updates ... create an rtc_cmos platform device when PNPACPI
isn't available do make one through PNP. (Non-PC platforms can do
similar things if they have a "cmos" RTC.)

- Export ACPI RTC extensions through platform_data to the PNP device
or the platform device, as appropriate.

- New "rtc-cmos" driver, for the RTC on most PCs. For most folk this
seems like it should be able to replace drivers/char/rtc.c ...

- Newish "rtc-omap" driver, for the RTC on OMAP1 processors. No point
in having this just live in the OMAP tree.

Folk wanting to try "rtc-cmos" will likely be wanting to tweak their
/dev/rtc node to become a symlink to /dev/rtc0, at least until the
new version of util-linux comes out (with updated "hwclock" knowing
about the new RTC class devices).

- Dave

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