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SubjectRe: Siemens sx1: merge framebuffer support
* Pavel Machek <> [061118 18:16]:
> From: Vladimir Ananiev <>
> Framebuffer support for Siemens SX1; this is second big patch. (Third
> one will be mixer/sound support). Support is simple / pretty minimal,
> but seems to work okay (and is somehow important for a cell phone :-).

Pushed to linux-omap. I guess you're planning to send the missing
Kconfig + Makefile patch for this?

Also, it would be better to use omap_mcbsp_xmit_word() or
omap_mcsbsp_spi_master_xmit_word_poll() instead of OMAP_MCBSP_WRITE as
it does not do any checking that it worked. The aic23 and tsc2101
audio in linux-omap tree in general has the same problem.


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