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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/4] WorkStruct: Separate delayable and non-delayable events.

On Mon, 20 Nov 2006, Stefan Richter wrote:

> David Howells wrote:
> > Separate delayable work items from non-delayable work items be splitting them
> > into a separate structure (dwork_struct), which incorporates a work_struct and
> > the timer_list removed from work_struct.
> ...
> > if (!delay)
> > - rc = queue_work(ata_wq, &ap->port_task);
> > + rc = queue_dwork(ata_wq, &ap->port_task);
> > else
> > rc = queue_delayed_work(ata_wq, &ap->port_task, delay);
> ...
> A consequent (if somewhat silly) name for queue_delayed_work would be
> queue_delayed_dwork, since it requires a struct dwork_struct.

Yes. Please don't use "dwork" as a name AT ALL. Not in "dwork_struct" and
not in "queue_dwork()".

"dwork" just sounds d[w]orky. More importantly, we don't use short-hand
that isn't obvious, unless there is some industry-standard and old meaning
to it that everybody understands. "delayed_work" may be more typing, but
anybody who needs to type things that fast had better slow down anyway to

No excuses for short and unreadable names.

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