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Subject[PATCH 00/22] Cell patches for 2.6.20
I'm trying to flush my patch queue again for 2.6.20, this is
most of what has been coming in since the last submission
to powerpc.git. Please review for inclusion in powerpc.git.

As a quick overview, the patches contain:

* new spufs file interfaces to support more gdb functionality,
to look into the state of various HW registers without changing
* core dump support for SPUs. When core dumping a task that has
created SPU contexts, information about them will be included
in the dump.
* A rework of the SPU HW isolation support. Reusing an isolated
SPU for another program now doesn't require a new spufs interface
any more, which simplifies the implementation significantly.
* A new oprofile model for using the profile event mechanism on
the Cell Broadband Engine. This is only for PPE profiling so far,
profiling SPU code is still work-in-progress.
* Lots of bug fixes.

I have some other patches in my cell kernel tree currently, which
I'm not submitting myself, because I assume they will find their own
way into the kernel:
* Patches to the spidernet driver, these go through netdev
* Support for the Playstation 3, the patches are currently under
discussion, and I expect that Paul will take them directly once
they are done.
* xmon add-ons for debugging with SPUs. Waiting for a new version
to be submitted.

Arnd <><

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