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SubjectRe: possible bug in ide-disk.c ( but also older)
On Mon, Nov 20, 2006 at 05:28:12PM +0000, Alan wrote:
> > Alternatively, a kernel-option to manually disable hpa-checking
> > would be a good step to solve the problem even for drives like mine.
> It's a compile time option. If you don't have GPT partitioning support
> then the system ought to behave correctly.

To me it now seems that my symptoms have twofold cause:
-) misinterpretation of that drive's reported number of sectors.
-) accessing the last reported sector in search for a GPT.

If I turn off GPT, then perhaps the last (non-existent-but-
believed-by-the-kernel-to-exist) sector is likely never ever
accessed, and therefore the dma-switching-off doesn't happen.
(Well, at least not at boot time, but still, if anyone did
"dd if=/dev/hda ..." without limiting count=...)

Otoh, patching out this "addr++;" leads to the GPT-test to
access a valid (in HD's view) sector which contains (who knows,
I even might have a GPT without being aware) or doesn't contain
a GPT, but anyway everthing works.

This does make sense to me.
Please let me know if this makes no sense
to anyone really knowing ide-stuff.

PS: If it weren't that the failure to access that last sector
caused dma to be turned off, I'd never have noticed anything
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