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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/10] cxgb3 - main header files

On Nov 17 2006 12:23, Divy Le Ray <> wrote:
>Subject: [PATCH 1/10] cxgb3 - main header files

(For all files)

Some suggestions:

* change the typedefs to struct, this includes:
adapter_t -> struct adapter

* function prototypes and function headers (e.g. t3_get_cong_cntl_tab)
are listed as

void t3_get_cong_cntl_tab(adapter_t *adap,
unsigned short incr[NMTUS][NCCTRL_WIN]);

which could be shortened to

void t3_get_cong_cntl_tab(adapter_t *adap,
unsigned short incr[][]);

functions where there is only one level of [], e.g.

void t3_load_mtus(adapter_t *adap, unsigned short mtus[NMTUS],
unsigned short alpha[NCCTRL_WIN],
unsigned short beta[NCCTRL_WIN], unsigned short mtu_cap);

could become

void t3_load_mtus(adapter_t *adap, unsigned short *mtus,
unsigned short *alpha,
unsigned short *beta, unsigned short mtu_cap);

depending on your taste.

* get rid of superfluous from-void/to-void casts, such as:

cxgb3_main.c:754: struct adapter *adapter =
(struct adapter *)dev->priv;

in some places, the 'U' suffix for literal numbers is not required,
such as:

cxgb3_main.c:292: unsigned int nq1 = max((unsigned
int)adap->port[1].nqsets, 1U);

sge.c:2359: qs->rspq.holdoff_tmr = max(p->coalesce_usecs * 10, 1U);

* const run 1: const'ify structs that do not change or
are not changed, such as

cxgb3_main.c:924:static char stats_strings[][ETH_GSTRING_LEN] = {

t3_hw.c:220:static struct mdio_ops mi1_mdio_ops = {
t3_hw.c:271:static struct mdio_ops mi1_mdio_ext_ops = {

t3_hw.c:1130: static struct intr_info pcix1_intr_info[] = {
t3_hw.c:1166: static struct intr_info pcie_intr_info[] = {

(these are just the small picture)

* const run 2: const'ify locals that do not change, such as

cxgb3_offload.c:63: struct adapter *adapter = tdev2adap(tdev);

* const run 3: const'ify function arguments that do not change, e.g.

static inline int offload_activated(struct t3cdev *tdev)

Note that the listed lines do not cover all source lines - cxgb3
is quite some code.

Running it through sparse gives 'context imbalance' (whatever that is - i just
tried sparse).

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