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SubjectRe: We're still coping with GCC < 3.0

On 2006-11-17, someone with nick Blaisorblade wrote:
> In arch/i386/kernel/irq.c (current git head) I found this comment:
> /*
> * These should really be __section__(".bss.page_aligned") as well, but
> * gcc's 3.0 and earlier don't handle that correctly.
> */
> static char softirq_stack[NR_CPUS * THREAD_SIZE]
> __attribute__((__aligned__(THREAD_SIZE)));
> static char hardirq_stack[NR_CPUS * THREAD_SIZE]
> __attribute__((__aligned__(THREAD_SIZE)));
> That should be fixed now that we require GCC 3.0, not?
> Btw, there are other such comments, like in include/asm-i386/semaphore.h:
> sema_init (for GCC 2.7!). That one might not be the case to fix because of the
> increased stack usage
> I've seen other similar tests around, so I thought that it'd be useful to
> centralize all tests for GCC versions to headers like include/compiler.h so
> they're promptly removed when deprecating old compilers.
> What about this?

Tested patches to Andrew Morton and code maintainers.
See also:

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