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SubjectRe: Linux 2.6.19-rc6 - NFSD working again

I just wanted to report a 'it works again' for rc6: after encountering
the very same problems with -rc3 Jeff Garzik described in [0], I
upgraded to -rc5 and applied the proposed[1] patch[2].
Now, the knfsd behaved a bit better (nfs-mounted /home, X11
applications created thousands of empty 'configuration'-files),
however 'mkdir' and 'touch' still failed too often:

$ mkdir /mnt/nfs/compile-farm/foo
mkdir: /mnt/nfs/compile-farm/foo: Operation not permitted
$ mkdir /mnt/nfs/compile-farm/foo
mkdir: /mnt/nfs/compile-farm/foo: File exists

...and things like that.

With -rc6 this seems to be gone. However, I noticed this message in the
server's ( syslog:

nfs4_cb: server AUTH_UNIX 0 not responding, timed out
nfs4_cb: server AUTH_UNIX 0 not responding, timed out

The NFS server is running on, what does this mean?
The message occurs once in a while, not sure what triggers it, found
not much in the archives...


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The electrician didn't know what the yellow cable was so he yanked the ethernet out.
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