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Subjectnewsreaders (Re: Looking for recent lkml email)
Hallo, Pete.

On Thu, Nov 16, 2006 at 10:44:20PM -0800, Pete Zaitcev wrote:
> The good news reader might be a problem. In fact, I'm currently looking
> for one. Criteria:
> - GUI with support for X clipboard (not just selections)
> - Ability to bounce to myself
> I use Pan, but it cannot bounce articles. It only saves them, so I have
> to find them (it uses Message-ID for name), open in vi, add "From xxx"
> on top, then do the "Import External mbox" dance in my mailreader.
> In previous Pan the useful trick was to "print" article, and specfy
> your lpr to be a scrip which called sendmail. But they took it away.

The slrn newsreader is text console, so x-terminal+mouse to use X

If you want to bounce message, in slrn there are 2 options:
| F Forward the current article to someone (via email).
| ESC 1 F Forward the current article (including all headers).
Tested, works.

Sending is difficult (for a while):
slrn converts "Cc" header to "To", when it sends copies by SMTP, and
removes it from NNTP postings. I've used "Mail-Follow-Up" header, but
now i want to patch slrn with better lkml + support (:.

slrn + is a miracle, that enables lkml (and many others MLs)
for me.

BTW. On you web site i've read historical lkml messages, like Linus'
moving from Transmeta, and i saw, that you had news<->lkml bridge.
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