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Subjectsome help in kernel debugging
Hi All,

I'm following instructions at to get into kernel
debugging. Since it doesn't ask me to do a 'make modules;make
modules_install' on the test machine, I think I can't build a good
initrd image on the test machine (since mkinitrd requires a kernel
version which it checks under /lib/modules)?

What happens is that when I copy the kernel from my dev machine to
test, edit the test machine's grub.conf and reboot, I get a kernel
panic with message:

'not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)'

I added an initrd image, but since the kernel modules aren't installed
on the test machine, I gave the 2nd parameter to mkinitrd the version
of the kernel that is running on the test machine. I guess that's just
plain wrong - well the kernel still didn't boot.

Should I also install the same kernel (without the kgdb patch) on the
test machine as well?

This is my 1st attempt to debug the kernel and any help you can give
will be much appreciated to get me going...

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