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SubjectRe: driver support for Chelsio T210 10Gb ethernet in 2.6.x
Jeff Garzik wrote:
> Felix Marti wrote:
>> Jeff, as indicated by Chris, the driver that is in the kernel is for
>> N110 and N210. So far, we have not received any customer complaints
>> regarding bugs in the driver and thus it has not been updated in a long
>> time. If you feel like there are some missing features/bug fixes, I'd be
>> glad to spend some time on it.
>> However, Chris's initial request is regarding support for T210. As you
>> indicate, the T210 product is a superset of N110/N210 and i.e. supports
>> TOE. Since the T210 board features additional pieces of hardware, these
>> must be initialized (i.e. memory controllers and TCAM) even if the board
>> is to be used as a NIC only. If the kernel developers are okay with
>> these additional initialization procedures we could update the driver to
>> support N as well as T based products, in NIC mode only, of course ;)
> I'd welcome support for NIC mode, so, sure...

Well, presuming that active maintenance comes along with it...


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